Puregold Puhunan Plus For additional working capital for Tindahan ni Aling Puring members.
About the Product
Puregold Puhunan Plus is a revolving credit line exclusive for Puregold Tindahan ni Aling Puring members with an operating business. Use the Puhunan Plus Card for your additional working capital needs to purchase goods at any Puregold branch!
You can use your Puregold Puhunan Plus card multiple times at any Puregold branch as long as the total does not exceed your approved credit limit.
Puregold Puhunan Plus is a revolving credit line that is valid of one (1) year. Full payment of used balances replenish your credit limit.
If you have a good payment record, you may be eligible for a bigger loan amount upon renewal, or after three (3) months of continuous use.
There are no additional fees that will be charged to you.

Payment Process
Your payment is due fifteen (15) or thirty (30) days, depending on your approved loan term, after the day of your availment or swipe. If you have multiple availments on different dates, each will have different due dates.

We will also send you a reminder text message prior to your due date on the exact due amount and date.

You can fund your GCash wallet at any Puregold store and pay in any of the two (2) options:

     1. Push payment in via the Fuse USSD menu:
          a. Dial *141#
          b. Select 3 for Pay Loan
          c. Select 1 for Pay for My Loans
          d. Enter the amount you want to pay
          e. Enter the loan code (PGPLUS)
          f. Enter the Reference #

     2. Your GCash account will be auto-debited by the end of your loan’s term (15th day).

You can also pay over the counter through our partner banks:

     1. BPI Bills Payment Facility
          a. Go to the BEA (BPI Express Assist) machine. Select
               •Bills Payments
               •Select Others
          b. Enter Reference Number – (10-digit mobile number, ex: 9770878203)
          c. Enter Amount to be paid
          d. Get ticket from BEA machine and pay for your Fuse Loan at the counter
          e. Mention that you are paying for Fuse Lending Inc.

     2. AUB Bills Payment Facility
          a. To pay over-the-counter at any AUB branch, proceed to access the Virtual Tellering Kiosk (VTK) to get the queue number
          b. From the Transaction Type screen, choose PAYMENTS
          c. From the Payments screen, choose FUSE LENDING INC. from the company list, and input the following information:
               •Subscriber Number (10-digit mobile number, ex: 9770878203)
               •Subscriber Name
               •Billing Number (same ad Subscriber Number/10-digit mobile number
          d. Tap ENTER and the machine will produce a slip with the queue number. The teller will call out the queue number

You will be charged 5% of outstanding principal due, and an additional 5% thereafter of the outstanding principal due for every 15 days the loan is not settled.
Yes, you can. However, you will still need to pay for the full interest of the period.
To learn about how to cash-in to your GCash account, visit https://www.gcash.com/cash-in
You may cash-in at any Puregold branch.

To see more GCash partner Outlets, you may visit https://www.gcash.com/cash-in/gpo for more information.

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